Access Zero 70 - Pre-Convention Party 3-24-12

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Access Zero 70 - Pre-Convention Party 3-24-12 Empty Access Zero 70 - Pre-Convention Party 3-24-12

Post  Ezkill89 on March 23rd 2012, 2:17 pm

Access Zero 70 - Pre-Convention Party

Let's get excited for Anime Matsuri, Import Reactor, Texas Showdown, Cosplay!!

Feature: Evil Pastry Studio's Cosplay Meetup

Access Zero has provided a safe, organized and exciting place for community to get together to celebrate cars, music, dance and our scene in general.

Access Zero is free to attend,
PLEASE SUPPORT OUR MEET by getting a $5 Premium Parking Spot.
PLEASE donate towards the meet.


Planet Zero Anime Center
11920A Westheimer, Houston, TX 77077
Tel: 281-531-ZERO

Date: Saturday, March 24, 2012
Time: Parking starts at 9pm

Music by Heaven & Earth

Let's do this!!!!!!!!!!!

Parking: Planet Zero's new parking lot has over 500 spots. Please follow directions for parking.
Security by Houston Police Department
The PZ meets are open to everyone and anyone is welcome. PLEASE act and drive responsibly.

Rules for the meet:
1) If you dont follow the rules you will get arrested. No questions asked. Please be responsible.

2) One car per parking spot.

3) These meets are attended by everyone from young kids to older people who walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. PLEASE drive responsibly.

4) Absolutely NO alcohol and NO drugs anywhere at or around the meet.

5) No revving your engines or sounding your car horns.

6) No loud music. (please keep it at a respectful level)

7) Please watch your speed as you enter and exit the parking lot.

Cool Please watch your trash. If you need to throw something away, please place in the dumpsters or give it to the cleanup crew at the end of the meet (they have trash bags). Please do not leave trash on the ground.

9) There will be a diverse mix of cars and people (we welcome all kinds of cars). Please respect each other.

10) No street racing at or near the event.

11) No burn/peel outs. No drifting.

12) No speeding in the parking lot!

13) Business supporters have top priority!

14) No pets at the meets. (except seeing eye dogs)

15) Driving around with your trunks/doors open is not allowed

16) If we run out of parking, access to the lot will be restricted

17) Planet Zero reserves the right to refuse service/participation at the meets to anyone for whatever reason it sees fit.

18) No soliciting

Would you like to be an Access Zero sponsor? please email john(at)emotiongear(dot)co​m

PZ is always looking for volunteers to help out with the meets. Guys and girls. If you would like to help us with parking, security, planning or general organizing please contact John at john(at)emotiongear(dot)co​m

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