Access Zero 64 9-17-11 (After DD Cruise)

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Access Zero 64 9-17-11 (After DD Cruise) Empty Access Zero 64 9-17-11 (After DD Cruise)

Post  Ezkill89 on September 2nd 2011, 8:30 pm

Lets take up the premium spots again folks! You've been given MORE than enough notice to prep your ride.

Parking Starts @ 8pm, lets meet and have a quick dinner before hand that way people can be "late" like most people usually are.....

It cost $5 to park in a premy spot, just don't eat @ a fast food resturant once then bam you got the $$$ for it, we can save spots for those who are epically running late but not many.... Like 1 or 2 TOPS.

Main Meet Location: Planet Zero Anime Center
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11920A Westheimer Rd
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Get your rides ready

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