600cc for beginners?

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600cc for beginners? Empty 600cc for beginners?

Post  Big_Slow_Russ on September 6th 2011, 7:11 pm

I want your opinions on starting on a 600cc motorcycle as my first bike, because im interested in bikes like a gsxr, zx6r, r6
i dont want a 250 because they are too small, ill look like a circus monkey on it hahah
What bike did yall start on
and i am taking the safety course in november when the weather cools down

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600cc for beginners? Empty Re: 600cc for beginners?

Post  paulyDofARKEM on September 23rd 2011, 2:52 am

if you've never ever ever ever ridden a bike in your life, your best bet is to go ahead and get a used ninja250. Their resale value is amazing and what you'll learn on that bike will be great. I learned on a 250 for about a good week and afterwards started being daring on a gsx-r600. I'll let you know right now if you do not respect that bike and if you personally feel a 250 is "too small" for you, you shouldn't ride a bike to begin with. controlling your clutch and throttle is so fucking important. a 250 is forgiving (i popped a wheelie on accident by popping clutch) but a 600 will throw you off.

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