Accord Meet: 10-29-11

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Accord Meet: 10-29-11 Empty Accord Meet: 10-29-11

Post  Big_Slow_Russ on September 17th 2011, 7:25 pm


Where: FWDPerformance 299 Riley-Fuzzell Rd. Spring, Texas 77373

When: October 29th 10:00 a.m untill the last person leaves.

Who: Accords of all generations.

Why: Dyno runs and BBQ what more needs to be said? lol

Cost: $50 for 3 pulls (no tuning) and $20 extra for tailpipe mounted wideband

Parking: We have a large grassy field right next to the shop that is lowered car friendly. We also have limited space in the shop parking lot. First come first served for parking.

1) No alcohol. No drugs as well.
2) No revving your engines or sounding your car horns.
3) No loud music. (please keep it at a respectful level)
4) Please watch your speed as you enter and exit the parking lot.
5) Please watch your trash. Do not leave trash on the ground.
6) No street racing at or near the event.
7) No burn/peel outs. No drifting.
Cool No speeding in the parking lot!

Alright its time again for another meet. This will be the end of summer halloween bash. We will be having it at the shop I work at. If you ever wondered what you car puts down or if you just want to come out and have some BBQ and watch the fun this is the meet to be at. The food and drinks will be provided by me. First come first served while it lasts. If you would like to bring some food or drinks to help out that would be great.
Hope to see everybody there.


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