Round 3 of the Lone Star Drift Series. 10/16/2011

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Round 3 of the Lone Star Drift Series. 10/16/2011  Empty Round 3 of the Lone Star Drift Series. 10/16/2011

Post  Ezkill89 on September 29th 2011, 2:35 pm

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$3000 purse raised by NonStopTuning!

First of all, let me say that this year so far has been super fun for local Texas drifting! *The cars, drivers, and everything else are coming along really well! *At the last round it was really neat to see almost 20 caged cars competing, and I know of a bunch of tier 1 cars that weren't even present, so when they come on line, the events are going to get even better! *So after the first 2 rounds going successfully, I am trying hard to make the last two rounds memorable! *Round 3 will be located at Gulf Greyhound Park in Houston in the front lot on October 16, and Round 4 will be at Texas Motor Speedway on the road course in the middle of the Nascar track on Dec 4! *Remember even though these events are competitions we will have plenty of time for everyone to practice and play around, even people that aren't competing! * *

Key points for round 3 will be....

1. *Rules are the same as they have been for the first two events. *All competing cars will need to be caged with door bars. *Basic safety inspection will need to be passed. *This includes things such as a proper helmet, impact foam on the roll cage where it can meet your head, a fire extinguisher mounted in the car ( this can be a 10 dollar deal, it doesn't have to be fancy), etc. *Cars not competing do not need to have a cage, but all convertibles must have at least a roll bar to drive.

2. *You don't have to compete to drive at the event, we will have plenty of time for everyone to drive. *The course will go cold for practice during the comp though, but the comp should only last about 2.5 hours when things go smoothly!

3. *Non Stop Tuning is raising 3000 dollars of prize money from sponsors for the third round to help me out with funds, since the last round is going to cost so much. *So everyone really needs to thank NST Mike when they see him for doing this, and also buy something from the man! *He is taking all the responsibility for that, so thanks Mike!!!!

4. *Entry fee will be 75 dollars, please pay pal the entry fee as soon as possible to erinshill at and press the personal transfer button, or add 3% to the total for paypals fee. *Spectator fee will be $10. *Registrations after Oct 10th will cost $100, and I hate charging you guys extra, so please just pay on time!

5. *Media passes, please contact me to get a media pass for round 2 if you want one. *We are going to start going to a system where I have safety vests for the photographers, and only people with safety vests can go take photos on track. *

6. *Media which has already RSVP-ed include Cinema Toast, Sy Pham, Jake, and Apexautoblog. *They will also be covering the media day as well.

7. *Drivers arrive at 8 am sharp so we can do tech inspection and get all the forms signed, drivers meeting is at 9 am, track goes hot by 9:30am. *Please be there on time bright and early so we can get as much seat time as possible. *If the majority of the drivers do not arrive on time, I will hold back the drivers meeting until they do, which sucks for track time!

October 15th Tech Day at PowerFab in Houston.

We are going to have another tech day over at PowerFab the day before the event. *I really liked how the last one turned out, so we are going to do it again. *All competitors in the series are welcome to take part, and are very encouraged to do so. *We will be covering the dyno day with a lot of media as well. *It will be covered, as well as the event the next day by, Sy Pham, Apexblogusa, Cinema Toast, and others.

1. *We will dyno each car on the same dyno and on the same day.

2. *We will weigh each car and give you corner weights.

3. *We will measure the steering angle of each car.

4. *We will look over the build of each car and interview each driver.

5. *We are planning to incorporate a bit more by also using go pro cameras to capture video of the cars rear suspension in motion on the next day of the event, since I am curious about all the new knuckle setups we are seeing, especially the Drift Works rear knuckle setups. *Are these really the cure to the camber gain issues in S-Chassis? *We will see!

Special thanks to PowerFab Automotive for providing their awesome shop for this tech day! *

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