Rules for Sales (Before Posting a new Item READ THIS)

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Rules for Sales (Before Posting a new Item READ THIS) Empty Rules for Sales (Before Posting a new Item READ THIS)

Post  Ezkill89 on August 19th 2011, 2:32 pm

1.) Do NOT ask seller PM LOWEST. Take all negotiations off-board, to email, AIM, phone, whatever. It is not appropriate to haggle with a buyer in his or her thread.

2.) If you don't like an item or its price. DON'T POST. This is a free-market society and that means anyone can sell their stuff for however much they can get for it. Don't be a troll.

3.) No commercial posting. If you are a business and want to sell on TS Forums, please e-mail the Admin. and He will provide you with information on becoming a TS Forums sponsor / advertiser.

4.) DO NOT bust on what members are selling unless you know/suspect an actual scam. It's not fair for a seller to get his/her stuff bashed at.

5.) There is ALWAYS someone who knows a friend of a friend who has gotten it cheaper, so thats not a comment anyone is looking for.

6.) NO thread hijacking. "I have one too and BTW it's cheaper!"

7.) Please only say your interested if you are and actually have the means to purchase.
8.) Sellers, LIST YOUR ASKING PRICE! Don't make people chase you down via email, post up a number so that people don't waste their time.

9.) Do not just post a link to your item on ebay, craigslist, other forums, etc. If you can't take the time to construct an actual thread, then don't bother. We all know where eBay is.

10.) Please don't create duplicate threads in different forums. Post a link in your sig instead and be an active poster. That will get much more exposure to the item(s) you are selling than multiple threads and will create less confusion for everyone.

11.) STOLEN items will not be permitted for sale and will lead to a permanent ban. POST VIN NUMBERS.

12.) Sellers please keep bumps to a minimum of 2 per day. Usually 1 each morning and afternoon/evening, whichever comes first.

13.) CONTACT INFORMATION must be posted on your original post, email or phone number.


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